Doncaster has been working hard on addressing physical inactivity. Our compelling vision for change has been recognised by Sport England and in December 2017 we were one of 12 areas awarded Local Delivery Pilot (LDP) status. This followed a competitive, 12 month application process.

This is a bold new approach for Sport England to build healthier, more active communities across England. Around £100 million of National Lottery funding will be invested across the projects in the 12 pilot scheme areas over four years, to create innovative solutions that make it easier for people in these communities to access sport and physical activity.

The LDP work forms an important strand of the implementation of the Get Doncaster Moving strategy, and will test and explore what it takes to secure population scale change in physical activity behaviour.

The aim of the LDP is... :

To utilise physical activity and sport to contribute to our inclusive economic growth ambitions and explore how it can support our residents to benefit from Doncaster's aspirations across all its communities.

We want our LDP to play its part in tackling inequalities by addressing inactivity in those communities who do not demonstrate patterns of regular participation.

Therefore we'll focus on:-

  • people on low incomes
  • children and families
  • inactive people

There is lots going on and we'll keep adding to this page as we go along. Please let us know what else would be useful for us to share so we can let you know about the learning we're experiencing throughout this exciting approach.

What we've done so far

We are taking the time to learn and understand the complex nature of inactivity in Doncaster. Our approach is underpinned by robust stakeholder and community engagement through our collaboration with Well Doncaster. Residents and communities have informed how we work, which has shaped the Get Doncaster Moving Principles of doing things differently.

Communities have told us that they want and need opportunities to last; they must be at the heart of everything we do. We are adamant that the work that we do now must be sustainable, and bring about our generational journey to change our population inactivity levels. Our approach focuses capacity and resources on changes that will have a long lasting impact on improving the conditions for residents to move more and be physically active. We know that short-term projects can have a positive effect on changing the lives of individual people. However, we know that this often creates an expectation and a reality that opportunities will come and go in our communities, where they are reliant on external funding to continue them.

Stakeholders (including residents and partners across Team Doncaster) have worked together to identify the factors that affect population activity levels in Doncaster. Through Systems Mapping, we can see that many of the things that stop people from being active are not in their power to change. The places, policies and spaces that make up the system we live in, have a large role in shaping our behaviour and the choices we make.

At our core, we are collaborating with communities to co-create change bottom up, which shape our themes of:

- Active Communities
- Communications
- Evaluation and Learning
- Parks and Open Spaces
- Active Travel
- Dance

You can read more about the LDP journey so far here:

Documents Library