We're working with communities to help people become more active

Posted: Wed, 31 Oct 2018 15:49

We're working with communities to help people become more active

We're working with Sheffield Hallam University, to help communities become more active. We will work with our residents and communities to understand people's experiences, and what influences their ability to be physically active.

Qa Research Ltd, on behalf of Get Doncaster Moving, will survey over 1,000 households from 12th November until 9th December 2018.

Following the surveys, we'll will be recruiting and training a minimum of 20 residents to become 'Community Explorers'. They will work with their local communities by having face-to-face conversations, focus groups and events to ensure that all views are represented.

The conversations with communities will then lead to a number of events and workshops during April 2019, where residents can work with the Community Explorers to design interventions, services and opportunities that will increase their levels of activity.

The work with communities forms an important strand of the implementation of the Get Doncaster Moving strategy, and will test and explore what it takes to secure population scale change in physical activity behaviour. It is funded by Sport England's Local Delivery Pilot (LDP) investment in Doncaster; a bold new approach for Sport England to build healthier, more active communities across England.

Around £100 million of National Lottery funding will be invested across the projects in the 12 pilot scheme areas over four years, to create innovative solutions that make it easier for people in these communities to access sport and physical activity.

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