David's Story - Broddy Pit Top Runners

David started running to help improve his mindset; this grew through social media where Broddy Pit Top Runners was born! They now meet twice a week to run socially on Brodsworth Pit Top.

Read more about David's journey here: https://uk.runningheroes.com/en/blog/love-running-club-broddy-pit-top-runners?fbclid=IwAR0gnfpOemYK3WLq98zsS3m7cFEJdE1vV7o7mIeAcvTWmeub1Q1L_TaD9HA

Scott's story - cycling

Scott got into cycling after a visit to DCLT. Hear his story about how getting on a bike has helped boost his self-esteem and improved his health, both mentally and physically.

If you would like to find out more about local cycling opportunities visit our cycling page.

Wadik’s story – joining the gym

After a heart attack Wadik was referred to his local gym by the Move More programme to help improve his health. Find out about the improvements it's made to his life in just three months.

There are a number of gyms across Doncaster, including those run by DCLT. If you would like to give one a try why not get in touch with DCLT for a free three day trial.

Amanda’s story – Move More Doncaster

A year after her carer passed away, Amanda decided to take part in Move More sessions. Find out how they've helped her to be more active and also helped her to feel less isolated as a result.

Find out more about Move More on their website.

Andy’s story – Fit Rovers

Andy retired from teaching 12 months ago. After seeing Fit Rovers advertised in a Doncaster Rovers match day programme he decided he'd give it a go to loose some weight and improve his general fitness. Watch his video and find out why he describes it as 'life changing'.

Find out more about Fit Rovers on the Club Doncaster Foundation website.

Melanie and Peter’s story – Pilates

Six years ago Melanie hurt her back and her physiotherapist suggested that Pilates could help. Melanie joined a local class with her husband Peter, they explain how they've enjoyed being able to exercise at their own level in their local community and why they look forward to it every week.

Nawal's story - fencing

Nawal takes part in a women's fencing class every Monday at Doncaster College. Hear her story of why she enjoys the class and her ambitions to get even more involved in teaching fencing.