Active Communities Grant Online Application Form

This is the online application form to apply for an Active Communities Grant. Prior to making an application we recommend you contact your local Well Doncaster Officer who can offer guidance and support you to develop your idea.


Kelly Watson | | 07816 248346 | 01302 737020

Lisa Wharton | | 07977 837227

Laura Bugge | | 07816 199145 | 01302 736769


Kerry Hughes | |07971 955519 | 01302 737433

Naomi Guthrie | | 07890 900031


Andrew Cunningham | | 07890 958302

Lauren Beaumont | | 07977 077364 | 01302 736087


Alex McBain | | 07974 602092 | 01302 736911

Hannah McWilliams | | 07970 426835| 01302 736748

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If you have a simple governance structure already established, please attach a copy of it here.

Please tick as many boxes as apply.

When answering please think about the following: What would you like to do? What will the grant be used for? Why is the grant needed? Who will be involved from your community?

Please list each item and the cost of each item. If you are applying as an individual or as an unconstituted group, you will be asked to provide three quotes per item. If this applies to you, your Well Doncaster Officer will be in touch to support you through this process. Monies from the fund will not be paid directly to individuals or unconstituted groups. Instead, Doncaster Council will purchase and pay for services on their behalf.

Before you submit your application, you must read and agree to the Active Communities Grant Application Declaration, which can be found below.

Please confirm the name of the person submitting this Active Communities Grant Application Form.