Get Doncaster Dancing Steering Group

The Get Doncaster Dancing Steering Group led the development of the strategy and are looking forward to working with local dance providers and the public to raise the profile of dance in Doncaster and, most importantly, Get Doncaster Dancing.

Carys Williams, Public Health Improvement Officer, Doncaster Council

Hayley Beecher, Programmes Manager, Doncaster Community Arts (darts)

Clare Clarkson, Deputy Director, Cast - Why I Love Dance: I love dance's ability to communicate beyond language. Everyone can relate to the movement of a body on some level. I'm an audience member rather than a dancer but I get the same sense of exhilaration, inspiration and community from watching dance as I do from taking part. For me, dance is the truest form of self-expression and it liberates everyone who takes part in it.

Sarah Clough, Head of Participation, Cast

Sarah Belk, Dance Development Officer and Apprentice Tutor, Active Fusion

Becky Parkinson, Owner, Cre8ive Dance Academy - Why I Love Dance: Why I love dance now as an adult is because I get to be involved in creating opportunities for kids of all abilities to love dance. I love how my teaching dance can introduce people to different kinds of music too and especially love it that I am able to offer a chance to students to create 'dance friends' or a 'dance family' which usually end up being the friends that are in their lives for a long time.

Wayne Sables, Independent Artist