Focus on… Vivienne Dales, Walking for Health walk leader

Posted: Mon, 13 Aug 2018 15:14

Focus on… Vivienne Dales, Walking for Health walk leader

Vivienne is one of the walk leaders for the Doncaster Walking for Health programme.

Doncaster Health Walks are weekly short walks of up to one mile - perfect for those who would like to be more active or perhaps lack the confidence and knowledge about where to walk. They're carefully designed to make sure they are safe and suitable for all abilities and may help when people recovering from an illness.

Vivienne leads a one-mile walk every Thursday morning in Sandall Beat Wood and has been supporting walking in Doncaster for roughly 10 years. Her guided walk attracts around 30 people each week, with most of those taking part aged between 60 and 85.

She explains the walk in her own words: "Walking in the wood is a very good way to stay active and it's relaxing so people can benefit not only physically but mentally as well. After the walk we have tea and coffee too, with lots of time for a chat and laughs."

Find out more and get involved

If you'd like to meet Vivienne on her Thursday walk, just arrive at Sandall Beat Wood ready to walk for 10am.

Vivienne's walk is just one of the local Walking for Health walks that are held regularly each week at different locations across Doncaster.

They're all free to attend and perfect for all abilities, including those who are recovering from an illness. For a full list of times, dates and places you can join in, visit the Walking for Health website.

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