Help to promote your community group or organisation with Your Life Doncaster

Posted: Wed, 17 May 2023 14:47

Help to promote your community group or organisation with Your Life Doncaster

The Your Life Doncaster digital offer has been designed to provide Doncaster-specific information and support for adults, young people and children to live happy, healthy lives, and discover what is available and happening within their local communities.

The website focuses on community-level information, news and updates which supports residents to access assets, support and events within their own community and right on their doorsteps. This allows community groups and organisations to showcase themselves at a local level, whether that is by having a listing on the Your Life Doncaster community directory or submitting timely news and events for promotion.

Your Life Doncaster community directory

Any community group, organisation or businesses who deliver support, services and events in Doncaster can submit a free listing to the Your Life Doncaster community directory.

The directory is a list of services and groups which residents can filter by location, age range and category to help them find the listing most suited to their needs.

The directory features everything from leisure and social activities, to support groups and residents' associations. The community directory currently has hundreds of listings, and will continue to grow with organisations from across the city.

You can submit a listing to the directory by completing this form:

Community news, events and updates

One of the main aims of Your Life Doncaster is to promote local and showcase local events, shares good news and promotes local campaigns. These messages can now be communicated directly to the community it relates to, so that residents can find news and information relevant to their local area.

Any community group or organisation can submit news and events to be promoted. These will be shared on the Your Life Doncaster community pages for the locality area they relate to. They will also be picked up from the website and shared through regular locality-specific residents email newsletters, which go out on a regular basis.

These are email updates are currently separated into North, South, East and Central Doncaster – all of which have mailing lists of 3-4k residents who live in the target area. These updates have proved incredibly successful, with open rates of well over 50% and clear evidence of them being forwarded on to other residents who may find them of interest. Anecdotal feedback has also found that residents attending events have often found out about them via our email newsletters.

You can submit news and events here.

On social media, Your Life Doncaster has a Facebook and Twitter page which is used to communicate local messages to the relevant areas.

On Facebook, Your Life Doncaster have joined over 100 local Facebook groups, meaning that messages/news/events about the area can be directly shared with those community groups and reach local residents.

Your Life Doncaster averages a reach (the number of times one of our messages in seen) of around 60k each month.

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