Doncaster Dynamo's support campaign to #GetDoncasterMoving

Posted: Tue, 9 Jan 2024 12:00

Doncaster Dynamo's support campaign to #GetDoncasterMoving

Players from Doncaster Dynamo, a walking football team who play at Goals in Wheatley, have been working with Get Doncaster Moving to encourage people in Doncaster to move more and enjoy the benefits that being active brings.

The team play twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays at 11am and regularly attract around 20 players aged from 50 to 75 to their sessions. The team welcome beginners as well as those who have played football before and are actively looking to create a second team to further support those who are the very beginning of their walking football journey and/or are new to being active or haven't been active in a while.

Here's what members of the team had to say:

"With walking football, you're part of a team, it's a great atmosphere to play in. I would recommend to anyone at any level to consider walking football as an aid to fitness, companionship and friendship." Frank

"I had major surgery for bowel cancer last year, and obviously with having bowel cancer you've got to be careful, and keep fit. They're a good set of lads, it gets you out the house and meeting people, doing something you enjoy. I feel a lot fitter and it helps with my mental health and wellbeing…coming here means you've got to get out of bed in the morning, you've got something to do." Dave

"I do a bit of running and jogging, but it's all solo stuff whereas when you come down here you're part of a group and you've all got a common interest. It's not just the football you can chat about, and its exercise with a purpose because at the end of the day although its friendly and welcoming you're still trying to win when you play! It's great fun." Steven

Yvonne also shared with us why her husband has joined the group, after he was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. She said:

"It's the only thing he lives for to be honest is sport, and all week he's saying 'is it friday yet, are we going to football today?'. His first time there he scored a goal, so that's all I heard about! It's given him a purpose to be fair and that's what he needs. It's just great to see a smile back on his face and something for him to do that he enjoys."

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There are lots of ways to enjoy moving more – from taking up a sport like walking football, to taking a stroll in one of Doncaster's many beautiful green spaces, or even dancing around your kitchen at home - moving your body can make you feel good inside and out.

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