This Girl Can... In Doncaster

Posted: Mon, 03 Dec 2018 10:19

This Girl Can... In Doncaster

Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust (DCLT) have partnered with This Girl Can to offer new activities for women in the borough to try out.

A series of women's only activities, including cycling, swimming and badminton are being put on at DCLT centres across the town to help to promote and support women who want to try something new.

Michael Hart, chief executive of Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust said: "The This Girl Can campaign has been a fantastic way to encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to give sporting and exercise activities a go.

"The support for the campaign has been amazing and the results speak for themselves with the last phase of the This Girl Can campaign motivating 3.9 million women aged between14 – 60 to take action.

"This new phase of the campaign 'No Woman Left Behind' is focusing on targeting core groups of women including young women and those from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups.

"We are currently working on a plan to support this campaign with a number of extra classes at our centres that will have a clear focus on supporting women to try a physical activity that fits in with their lives, their schedules and the area they live in."

DCLT have launched a programme of free 12 week classes supporting the This Girl Can campaign with activities including swimming, cycling, football and racquet sports. The full time table is online at

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