Sport Participation in Doncaster

Developing clubs, volunteers & coaches

If your club is looking to grow or develop, we have lots of resources and tools below to aid you on your journey. You can also contact us (details below) for support.


Sport Club Fund

The Sport Club Funding Application is provided by Doncaster Council.

This funding is available for constituted grassroots sports clubs and community groups who are looking to train up volunteers or looking to create a new club/team with the aim to increase physical activity and sports participation across Doncaster.

Click the link below for the application form.

Other funding opportunities

For regular updates on funding opportunities, click the following link:


Get Doncaster Moving deliver regular workshops and learning opportunities including first aid and safeguarding courses. We also host a yearly Club Development Evening. If you have any training needs please get in touch.



If you need support spreading the word about new sessions or your club in general please get in touch (Details below). We can also promote your new session or club through our social media channels:


Get Doncaster Moving can support you with finding new volunteering opportunities and volunteers who are looking for opportunities to get involved. Please contact us on the details below.

If you are looking to get involved with a club, please see our club finder here:

For more information, please contact:

Dean Wiffen

Get Doncaster Moving