Sport Club Funding Application

What is the Sport Club Funding Application?

The Sport Club Funding Application is provided by Doncaster Council. This funding is available for constituted grassroots sports clubs and community groups who are looking to train up volunteers or looking to create a new club/team with the aim to increase physical activity and sports participation across Doncaster.

Please see below the two funding streams we have available:

  • Qualifications - max £300- up to £100 per qualification is allowed for up to 3 qualifications (Referee, Coaching Level One, Coaching Level Two). Due to COVID- Please provide the date of the course/ courses you plan on booking.
  • Club/Team Starter Pack- max £200- to be spent on equipment, facility hire and/or promotion etc.

The maximum amount a club/community group can receive per financial year is £500. A new club/team or section of an existing sports club can apply for both funding streams at the same time if required.


Clubs applying for funding should:

  • Be from a recognised Sport England sport. See for more details.
  • Must be able to provide a Club Constitution (a template can be provided) and at least one NGB Qualified Coach certificate.
  • Applicants must be able to clearly demonstrate a clear need or demand to why funding is needed. Applications which fail to do this will not be considered.
  • You must keep records to show how the money has been spent and provide receipts after 3 months along with a monitoring form and case study form.
  • We will NOT fund any items/ courses that have already been purchased before the club has received the funding.
  • Incomplete forms will not be considered.

The Fund will not make grants to individuals. It must go in to a club/ community group account.

Please read through the information and check that your application meets the Sport Club Fund criteria below.

What makes a good application?

  • Think carefully about the aims of the funding to ensure that it is realistic.
  • Consider the purposes of the Sport Club's Fund and assess how your club/community group can meet these.
  • Consider how you will manage the fund. Remember you will be accountable for the money you receive and will be monitored at a later date (after 3 months).
  • Plan ahead – you need to be aware that the fund may take several weeks to process.
  • Working in partnership and through networks can often strengthen your application.
  • When completing the application form be as clear and precise as possible.
  • Submit an itemised breakdown of costs where possible (ensuring that this includes VAT where appropriate).
  • Where applicable include at least 2 quotes for each item requested.
  • Include supporting evidence where you feel it would strengthen your application.

What happens when we receive your application?

  • Your application will be submitted for decision on the panel application review date (four times a year).
  • When a decision has been made you will be notified by email.
  • If a grant is awarded, you will be required to provide proof of expenditure, without evidence of spend the Council will recover funding paid.
  • You will be required to fill out a monitoring form and case study.
  • If you are unsuccessful you will be able to apply in the next funding window.

Further information

If you have any questions on Sport Club Funding, please contact Dean Wiffen on

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In your answer, please include a breakdown of participants including age range 0-10 years, 11-20 years, 21-30 years and 30+ years, male and female and ethnicity (if known).

Please state the costs per item/activity. Please note that you will need to evidence the spend after three months (when you receive the template monitoring form and case study form).

Please confirm the total grant you are applying for.

We appreciate that not all groups will be able to comply with this. This does not necessarily mean that you cannot apply.

We appreciate that not all groups will be able to comply with this. This does not necessarily mean that you cannot apply.

Before you submit your application, you must read and agree to the Sport Club Funding Application Declaration, which can be found below.

Please confirm the name of the person submitting this Sport Club Fund Application Form.

Please confirm the position in the group of the person completing this Sport Club Fund Application Form.