To celebrate National Walking Month, let’s put our best foot forward and #WalkThisMay!

Posted: Fri, 29 Apr 2022 13:01

To celebrate National Walking Month, let’s put our best foot forward and #WalkThisMay!

Walking is a great way to explore where you live, discover new places and connect with others.

Walking is known to have numerous benefits and can boost your energy, lift your mood and make everyday activities easier. Whether it's a short stroll to the shops or school, a wander through the woods, or just getting out on your lunch break, you might be surprised on what a positive difference it can make.

Join one of the organised walks in your area this May…

Doncaster has plenty of beautiful walks on offer. Throughout May, there are scheduled walks taking place across Doncaster, organised by local groups (many of which take place all year round too!). You can find some of these listed here: Walk This May

Take the first step

If you'd like to fit more walking into your life, here's a few suggestions to get started…

  • Small changes add up

Changing small habits can make a surprising difference to how much walking we can fit into a day and might have you moving more than you'd think – that could be walking the kids to school, fitting in a quick lunchtime walk, parking a little further from your destination and walking the rest of the way…we all have different routines and what works for one, won't work for all. Take a moment to think about your own routines and where you might realistically be able to fit a few more steps into your day.

  • Start small

If you have not walked distances for some time, it's a good idea to start slowly and increase the length and pace of your walk gradually. Start with a 20 minute walk if you can, and aim to walk at least three times a week. If you can't reach that goal, just do what you can, and build up to it at your own pace. By moving more, you may begin to notice a positive difference to your energy levels and how you feel. That can be a great motivation to keep going!

  • Start local

You might benefit from keeping your walks local to start off with – even if you've lived in the area for a long time you might still find local footpaths, landmarks and walks near you that you didn't even know about. Many people explored their local area more during lockdowns, and found that they were surprised at what they discovered on their doorsteps!

  • Walk with a friend

Going walking with a friend can help in lots of ways. Many people enjoy the social side of going for a walk and a talk, and it's also a good way of encouraging each other to keep going and making it part of your regular routine.

  • Join a walking group

Walking in a group is great way to start walking, make new friends and stay motivated. There are a number of groups who get together to walk in and around Doncaster. Many people join walking groups not only to be active, but to make new friends along the way. There are walks and groups suited to all ages and ability.
Find local walking groups on the Walking page.

  • Try the Active 10 app

The NHS Active 10 app records every minute of walking you do (anonymously). The app tracks your steps, helps you set goals, shows you your achievements and gives you tips to boost your activity.
Find out more about the Active 10 App

  • Keep yourself entertained

Listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks can keep you entertained while walking. Join your local Doncaster Library and download the app for hundreds of free audiobooks at your fingertips.

Together, let's #GetDoncasterWalking

If you're going to be out walking this May, tell us about it! Do you have a walk to recommend to others? What are the benefits of walking more for you? We'd love you to help us to encourage others to consider walking more too. Share your thoughts and walking photos with us on our social media channels, using #GetDoncasterWalking #WalkThisMay

For more information about Walking in Doncaster, including information about Doncaster's many wonderful walking groups and walking routes, please visit the Walking page.

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