New Rossington celebrates one year anniversary of Sunday walking group

Posted: Tue, 13 Jun 2023 14:25

New Rossington celebrates one year anniversary of Sunday walking group

In early July 2022, one of the parish councillors of Rossington, Bob Anderson, put on social media that he was going to go for a casual walk, and if anyone would like to join him, then to meet at 9am. He was shocked to see 14 people turn up! They did a three hour walk with a coffee stop on the way, and enjoyed it so much, that it quickly became a regular fortnightly event! Almost a year one, almost 30 people turn up to join the Sunday walk. Local people of all ages and all abilities come along and enjoy a morning walk together – the routes cater to mobility scooters, push chairs and dogs. Everyone is welcome to join the friendly group.

Members of the walking group wanted to share why they take part…

"I just wanted to say how much I see that my dad enjoys these walks and how much he appreciates everyone's participation. Whenever he has a walk coming up on the weekend he is always talking about it and where he will be walking to. It has been amazing to see so many people get involved with something that initially started off as an idea that aimed to encourage people to get out, socialise and improve mental and physical fitness. I know how much it means to my dad every time somebody comes along so thank you for recognising this". Tiffany

"My wife Denise goes on the walks every other week and loves them and her lunch is always ready for when she gets home. I'm trying to get her to go every week…….haha!" Harry

"I have done most of the walks and enjoy the company and conversation." Gillian

"We all enjoy the walks and the banter." Claire

"I have been taking part in these walks with my friend, Sue. I am enjoying them and looking forwards to many more. The walks have been good for meeting new people and visiting new places. Great for your morale, physical and mental wellbeing." Lisa

"My son attends Rossington Smile, and Bob has arranged and supported walks for the group, which help their mental well and physical well-being. My son loves the walks." Lisa

To join in with New Rossington Sunday walking group search 'Rossington Community Forum' on facebook.

For a list of other local community walking groups, see the dedicated webpage: Community Group Led Walks

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