Get Doncaster Dancing strategy

We are thrilled to be launch Get Doncaster Dancing, Doncaster's first borough-wide strategy that aims to help more people of all ages to become active through participating in dance. Developed with the expert support of One Dance UK, the Get Doncaster Dancing Steering Group and through consultation with Doncaster residents and dance providers, it sets out how we hope to get more people participating in dance.

Dance is fun and inclusive and a wide range of benefits across all ages that makes it so unique:

Early years: Dance improves cognitive and physical development and enhances social skills.

Children and Young People: Dance increases cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, improves bone mass content and can help to reduce obesity. As well as reducing anxiety levels and enhancing self-esteem, it can also promote vital skills for learning such as attention, memory and cognitive flexibility.

Adults: Dance can help maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of a range of conditions including Type 2 diabetes, musculoskeletal problems and chronic heart disease. It can also reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Older People: Dance shows particular promise in improving the health of older people as it can help maintain mobility, reduce the risk of falls, prevent social isolation and improve cognitive function. Dancing involves many parts of the brain simultaneously including those controlling movement, spatial awareness, balance, expression and memory.

Social: Dance can engage a diverse population from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and ages, having the potential to bring cultures and communities together and support inter-generational connections.

You can read our strategy and view our ambitions to Get Doncaster Dancing here: