Dance On!

Join our fun dancing workshops for over 50s!

Dance On is a new initiative for over 50's creating dance programmes across Doncaster, Leeds and Bradford.

The focus will be on fun and socialising – don't worry about not knowing the steps, remembering routines, getting put on the spot, or how flexible you need to be! These dance groups will be about playing, moving in new ways and most of all enjoying yourself. You'll try new things, develop your confidence in a supportive, friendly environment, and explore the world of dance with the help of various dancers and artists. Watch the video at the bottom of this page to get a taste of what to expect in a session.

Have you ever sat at home watching Strictly Come Dancing and wished that you could join in? If so these could be the perfect sessions for you!

To find out more about sessions being delivered across Doncaster visit: or

Get Doncaster Dancing strategy

Dance can help people of all ages to get active and so can help to improve health and wellbeing across the life course:

  • Early years: Dance improves development and enhances social skills;
  • Children and young people: Dance increases cardiovascular fitness, can prevent or reduce obesity and improve self-esteem;
  • Adults: Dance can reduce the risk of type 2 Diabetes and chronic heart disease and help to maintain a healthy weight. It can also reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety;
  • Older people: Dance is a social activity that helps to maintain cognitive function, reduces cardiovascular risk and risk of falls.

This is why in Doncaster we are currently developing the first Dance and Health strategy for the borough.

You can get involved by telling us your views.

Whether you currently dance, used to dance or have never danced we want to hear from you:

If you are a dance teacher, dance school, community practitioner or provide sessions in any form of dance, you can tell us what you think here: